Episode 3: Dylan Lock's Musical Journey

Today we are going to be talking with Dylan Lock, a well-known musical artist in the Midland area. He reveals a lot about the beginning of his music journey, which began at a young age, to where he is in his career now as a serious songwriter and performer.

Dylan first got into music at a young age, and initially he was drawn to the piano. He would listen to music tapes, learn the part, apply it, and then refer back to the tape and continue on. He has always enjoyed playing by ear, and still does to this day. After high school, he started playing in bars and restaurants full-time.

He is specifically skilled on the keyboard, but he’s also comfortable playing the guitar, harmonica, and the drums - and even possesses an accordion, which he would like to be better at playing. He’s willing to try any instrument he’s willing to get his hands on.

Over time, the places that Dylan has found information have varied. All of the songs he writes have come together from many different influences, especially what he grew up listening to. He’s been writing a lot of original music and will be releasing plenty for years to come.

Dylan believes the future of his music includes recording, producing, and doing all the behind-the-scenes work as an artist himself. He has taught himself a lot about musical engineering and producing, and a benefactor who wrote him a cheque that helped him bring his studio to life. Now he’s ready to get into writing mode and start creating.

Find out more about Dylan Lock:

Website: https://www.dylanlock.ca/