Episode 4: Joelle Kontos' Musical Journey

Today we’re joined by Joelle Kontos. She has participated in the The Midland Y's Men's Music Festival most of her adolescent life, beginning in childhood. Joelle has always loved to sing, and this inspired her to pursue her studies of Opera at Western University. She gained her Bachelor of Music in Performance and a Master’s in Performance and Literature.

For all six years of her academic career, Joelle studied under Jaclyn Short. Although she went into her schooling confident in her singing abilities and music theory, her love for operatic singing was really built up over time at university. For the first two years she focused on technique, and jumped into performing during year three.

Joelle has poured a lot of energy into learning other languages inside and outside of the classroom to be able to fully develop her skills in opera. If she had to choose a favourite composer, she would have to say Bizet. She’s always felt drawn to French composers, perhaps due to her French heritage.

Outside of lessons and rehearsals, Joelle makes time to sing on her own for at least one hour each day. Then, of course, there is plot study, language study, diction, and more to work on. The only way to hone your skills in music is to practice, so Joelle emphasizes investing time if you want to be your best.

Over the last two years, Joelle has been restricted in opportunities to both travel and perform. She’s used this time to focus on her training and better her skills. She also took a few months off of singing for vocal rest. She’s looking forward to upcoming auditions and programs she can enter once again.

Find out more about Joelle Kontos:

Website: https://www.joellekontos.com/