Episode 5: Emma Reynolds' Musical Journey

On this episode of Midland Makes Music we’re joined by singer and songwriter Emma Reynolds. She’s currently studying Musical Theatre Performance at Sheridan College, where she enjoys taking classes on singing, dancing, and acting all day long.

Recently, she was asked to perform at a couple of seniors' homes. The past two years have been especially difficult for the senior community, and she wanted to bring joy to the healthcare workers and the residents. She would set up outside under a tent and sing, if only to provide them with a break in routine and 30 minutes of an enjoyable experience.

Emma has been singing and dancing since she was very little, but it was an opportunity to see Wizard of Oz as a child that attracted her to musical theatre. She loves how music theatre brings together her favourite disciplines: singing, dancing, and acting. The next year, she auditioned for Annie. Following this, she’s made many happy memories performing in various roles, some of which have been alongside her brothers and sisters.

Toronto is much busier and bustling than Penetang, so busking in downtown Toronto is an experience Emma looks back on fondly. She also plays at various farmers markets, restaurants, coffee shops, and festivals in different areas around Midland, Barrie, and Toronto. Every opportunity has helped her learn more about herself and her music.

Emma has recently started writing and composing her own music, and she finds it’s an expressive way to relieve stress. Emma also plays various instruments such as the guitar, piano, ukulele, bass, and the mandolin, which she incorporated into her recently released album titled No Looking Back. The best place to learn more about Emma and her music is her Instagram where she shares updates and new music regularly.

Find out more about Emma Reynolds:

Website: https://www.instagram.com/emrey_music/